Kill Barney First Attempt…

Finchy here.  Chili Dawg is still not feeling well- I’ll get to that later on in the post though.  Yesterday, Mom noticed that he was limping really badly on his left rear leg; barely using it at all.  She thought she could get him to perk up if she brought Barney out for us to finally “kill” him, specially since he has a squeaker in him, and Chili Dawg LOVES to squeak soft toys.  So, Mom brought him out, but this is all the interest Chili showed in him.

Tasting him a little bit
Total abandonment- not normal

Mom knew this wasn’t a good sign, and knew this meant that the Chili Dawg wasn’t well.  She passed Barney onto me.

Sniffing him

But it didn’t seem right to destroy him, when something clearly was wrong with my brudder, so I walked away from him.  Chili Dawg and I snuggled together and watched the world go by later on.

Two brudders

Mom and Dad talked a lot last night about what they thought was wrong with Chili.  Dad was hanging onto hope that Chili had just pulled a muscle wrestling with me or running in the back yard.  Mom was pretty sure the cancer was back, specially since Chili’s appetite has decreased a bit.  Today Mom took Chili to the vet.  Dad offered to be the one to take him, but Mom insisted since he was her “soul dog”.  When Mom got home from the vet, she was crying.  The Chili Dawg’s cancer has returned, and it’s in his hip now.  The veterinarian couldn’t believe that Chili hasn’t yelped in pain or cried out based on how large it was on the x-ray.  He sent Chili home with pain medicine to make him comfortable until he lets Mom and Dad know that it’s time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Mom is devastated, she had hoped to have him for a little longer, but she said that we are going to focus on the now.  So Barney, we will let the pain meds kick in for a day, and then we will try to kill you one last time before we send you on to another deserving tripawd.

Author: finchy

I'm a 4 legged Boxer brother to my tripawd brother, Chili Dawg

6 thoughts on “Kill Barney First Attempt…”

  1. I’m glad we got the chance to send Barney on to you. I hope that the horrid smell of Barney, not to mention his annoying squeaker, will perk Chili up once his pain meds kick in a little. Then he can bring the pain to Barney.

    Even though Barney is an annoying, moronic, stinky pain in the butt, he carries the strength with him of all the other Tripawd warriors who have gnawed him before. Those already at the bridge will be there when it’s Chili’s time – and they will smell Barney on his breath and great him with huge smiles and wagging tails. They will talk over the good times chewing on Barney and be happy.

    Big hugs and sweet Abby kisses,
    Jackie & Abby

  2. Chili is well loved and he knows it. He will feel the love of his pack and it will help him face life without fear. And his love for you can do the same. Enlarge that picture of Chili and Finchy by the door and put it on the wall. That picture says a lot.


  3. I am so sad to hear Chili’s diagnosis, he reminds me so much of a dog I know.
    These goldens can be so stoic about their pain. I hope the meds help!
    Hugs and strength to you and your special boy!

  4. we should all try to be as brave as chili. sending our best wishes to you guys!

    charon & gayle

    p.s. some of that ‘barney stink’ is gayles…extra ET juju in there for sure!

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