Finchy Has Crossed The Bridge…

Hi everypawdy.  It’s Buster.  I bring sad news tonight.  Finchy has joined Chili Dawg at the Rainbow Bridge.  Friday night he had a really rough night and Mom took him to the v-e-t Saturday morning.  The initial diagnosis was that his pancreatitis was back, along with arthritis in his back, so they admitted him to the hospital for treatment.  Sunday, the v-e-t called and he was doing worse.  He had swelling in his back legs along with bruising and he couldn’t stand.  When Dad visited him, he could see he was very uncomfortable and hurting.  The dogtor was running one last blood test to check for a tick bourne disease, although the liklihood of him picking up that in February in IL was extremely low.  Today, the swelling has moved into his front legs and abdomen, he is panting a lot and is still not comfortable.  It appears the intestinal cancer has also done a number on his body as well.  Mom and Dad went to visit him tonight, and while the dogtor said there were still specialists they could take him to, looking into Finchy’s eyes, Mom and Dad didn’t want to subject him to anymore tests or pain.  He has been such a faithful and loving companion, especially to 5 year old Noah- who sobbed uncontrollably last night when he figured out that Finchy was probably never coming home again.

Run free and out of pain, Finchy.  You were always the fastest dog in the neighborhood down here, I bet you are one of the fastest up at the bridge.  I will miss my snuggle buddy, and so will Mom.  Tell Chili Dawg we all said hi.  We love you so much!

Faithful companion
Faithful companion

9 thoughts on “Finchy Has Crossed The Bridge…”

  1. Buster, you have some mighty big shoes to fill. Your family has always opened its door and its heart to good dogs who were unwanted or uncared for. You are new to them so you are still figuring that out, but these are special people.

    I’m sorry you’ve all lost Finchy. I wish I could fix it and bring him back. Chili, too. I can’t, though. Instead, I ask that you take very special care of them all and love them as much as you can.


  2. I am so so sorry to be reading this. We had hoped there might be one more miracle left, but sometimes there is nothing more that can be done. Finchy knew how much he was loved and cared for. That’s what matters.

    Thanks for letting us know Buster. Give lots of hugs and kisses to your pack for us. Our hearts go out to all of you.

    Karen, Ruby and Spirit Magnum

  3. Well Buster,
    It sounds like you have alot of work to do! Healing your heart and those in your family. Give Noah a lil extra “k”
    We miss hearing of Chil’s adventures and will miss hearing about Finchy’s. I bet they are having a blast and those angels up there with them are fluttering, trying to keep up! Yhat is how I see them anyway! Heart healing wishes until you are all together again!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about Finchy’s passing. He was a good boy who brought a lot of love to his family. Stay close to your family tonight Buster, they will need your love more now than ever. Sending healing thoughts to you and your family tonight.

  5. Oh Buster, this is such sad news. At least Finchy is back with his brother Chili now. Your family has 2 very special angels looking over them all. And it’s good that they have you to help them get through this hard time. I know you will miss Finchy too. I hope you can all comfort each other.
    Jackie, Angel Abby & MBBunny Rita

  6. No, not Finchy! Buster, we are very, very sorry, our heart breaks for all of you. Finchy was the ultimate brother, the best dog in the world whose adventures we loved reading about here. I can’t believe it.

    Be strong Buster, your pack is going to need you to turn to and lick their salty tears. I’m so very sorry.

    Run free Finchy, Chili and our Tripawds heroes are waiting.

  7. I am so very sorry for your family’s loss Buster. Finchy was the best monkeybutt. He is with Chili now and I’ll bet they are playing like crazy. But I know everyone here is still very sad. Take care of your pack, and especially Noah. He might need extra kisses and maybe you can sleep in his bed.


    Butchey & Lola

  8. Sorry for your loss of Finchy. Thanks for all the support and great advice you’ve given us. Bruno, Finchy , chili dawg, Dakota, princess, Jerry , and all our beloved pets are surely romping around together now. Best wishes.
    Maricela and Spirit Bruno

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