It’s Been A While…

Howdy everypawdy!  It’s Buster again.  It’s been a while since I wrote.  Momma says the “plague” has been in our house.  I don’t know what that means, but I heard the words: “flu”, “cough”, “fever”, “runny nose”, and then later on I heard the words: “stomach flu” and “vomit”.  All I know is the 4 human people haven’t been feeling so great for a lot of days.

Did everypawdy have a good Christmas?  I did.  I got to be indoors for Christmas and I never got that with the people I used to live with.  My Mastiff cousin Burley and I learned that you don’t pee on the tree inside, though, or the humans get a little upset.  I didn’t know.  Why else would you have a tree inside, unless you didn’t want us to pee on it?  Momma couldn’t believe I peed on it, because it had been up for 3 weeks before I peed on it, but Burley did it too- he used to be an outside dog too until Grandma and Grandpa rescued him.  Next Christmas we won’t pee on it.

Momma and Daddy were worried about Finchy over Christmas break.  He was vomiting blood a lot and not eating, but then he stopped and started eating again.  We have been wrestling a lot, and before it got really cold this weekend, we were running around the backyard a lot, and Momma was taking us on walks.  She said she’s not taking me on a walk today because something about a “-5 wind chill”.  I don’t know what that means, but I know she keeps making me come inside today.  It snowed last night, and I like rolling in it, but Momma won’t let me be outside for very long today.  She keeps telling me it’s too cold.  I wish she would just let me finish rolling in the snow.  Finchy won’t stay outside with me today.  Momma said he’s the smart one today.  I say, he has less fur than I do, but I don’t mind coming in, because Momma put our dog beds by the fireplace and that is nice to lay down on.  It is so nice to be an inside dog now 🙂

6 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…”

  1. Hey Buster! Sounds like you had a pretty good holiday! I have to be honest: I actually agree with you about the Christmas tree; why else would someone bring a tree into the house if not to pee on it?! But I also know you’re not supposed to do that; it’s bad form. I know you’ll remember not to do that next year. Hopefully you won’t get any peer pressure from Burley! I hope Finchy is feeling better; I don’t like to hear that he’s not feeling well. Tell him I hope he feels better!

  2. They say “don’t forget to water your tree” I am sure that you were just trying to help the people…..

    Tell Finchy we are glad to hear he is eating and playing again!

    I like rolling in the snow but I hate cold paws….especially when the snow clumps in the golden hair between the paw pads… stay warm!

  3. Wow Buster, why wouldn’t you get to pee on an indoor tree? What’s up with that?

    I am so delighted you have a family that lets you spend all your time with them. You and Burley had a rough start but now you’re both ok. I know you’re thankful. Of course you are–that’s why you peed on the tree!

    Is Finchy doing any better? I know he’s been sick and I heard the C-word mentioned, a word I really don’t like. Do you know if he’s going to be ok?

    Check back in soon. Maybe try peeing on a plant or something indoors and see what the rules are about that.


  4. Buster, I’m so glad you found your new family who lets you be an inside dog (even if you do occasionally slip up and do things like peeing on the Christmas tree…).

    Hope you are enjoying snuggling by the fire with Finchy. Keep a good eye on him and give him an extra snuggle please from me and MBBunny Rita.
    Your Aunt Jackie

  5. Duuuuuuude. That is one cold day! Dang, if you got a fireplace, go there. That’s where I would be.

    Hey what’s up with Finchy? Does he have the flu plague too? I hope he is feeling better. Promise us you’ll tell us what’s going on with him OK? Inquiring minds need to know.

    Meanwhile….ahahahahaha! Good one about peeing on the tree. You got the logic down right Buster, it’s the humans who have it all wrong.

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