It’s been a while…

Buster here.  Mom hasn’t posted in a while.  It was hard on her to lose Finchy after losing the Chili Dawg.  She had hoped that Finchy would have been with us for a while longer, but stupid cancer doesn’t play fair.  I miss him too, and have been trying to fill his shoes, I have even learned how to be scared of thunderstorms and fireworks like he used to be (although I don’t think that’s what Mom and Dad had in mind).  I did give Mom and Dad a little scare at the end of May when they found a large lump just below my knee.  Fortunately, the biopsy showed it to be a lipoma and then Mom was able to breathe again.  I don’t think she could handle having a third dog with cancer at the moment.

What I really came on here to do was to show you what my grandma made for my mom for her birthday.  It made Mom cry, because she misses her two boys, but I think grandma did a really beautiful thing.  Mom didn’t want to hang it up at first, because she said, “it made it too real for her”, but my dad hung it up a couple days ago & Mom said she is glad that he did.

Chili Dawg & Finchy
Chili Dawg & Finchy

11 thoughts on “It’s been a while…”

  1. Hi Buster! Thanks so much for posting that WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL heartwarming tribute your lovely grandma did for your mom! I’m going to update myself in a bit on the posts about Fmchy and Chili Dog.

    This lovely picture is so simple and so deeply profound and something we must all remember.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I just left a thread posted by Tasha-s mom who is struggling with the pain of knowing she will soon be at the end of this journey…..anyway, I’m going to go over there and give her this quote…..

  2. That is a beautiful tribute. It never is easy. Time lessens the hurt a little but still doesn’t make it any less hard or miss them any less

    Michelle & Sassy

  3. Back….. Well, this has certainly been a day for tears on this site!

    I went back to get to know Chili Dawg a little better and Find he….what sweet. wonderful dogs. The photo of Finchy just makes you smile… can just tell he’s a nice fella’

    wasn’t able to click onto the video for Chili….it said so ethics g like of suited for mobile….I ave a tablet so that may be why….But, K was able to see the other video Of Chili Dawg happily rolling in the grass scratching his back! Delightful! A true treasure!
    Now where are the pictures of you Mr. Buster? Have I missed them somewhere?

    Thanks again. for sharing that lovely photo! Please tell your mom and grandma it really has had a very positive impact….a very healing one.

    Thanks for the update and maybe we’ll get to see a photo of you real soon:-) 🙂


    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. That is a beautiful tribute. Your Grandma is a smart lady Buster. Sounds like just what your mom needed.


    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  5. Awwwwww. I hope that by being able to see Chili and Finchy’s sweet faces in that lovely frame your Momma can find more strength. It’s just hard, it takes time. We get it, totally.

    Buster you sound so cute! I want to see some pics OK? We ALL do!

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