Kill Barney Final Attempt…

Chili Dawg here.  I’m not feeling so good, so Mom is going to type for me.  The pain pills make me kind of fuzzy and I have this cough going on now.  Yesterday, Mom gave us another go at Barney.  I did a little chewing on him, but I just wasn’t in the mood.  I did enjoy the smells though-Abby, Gayle, Cooper, Catie, Codie Rae and all the other dogs that have hosted him.

Mom could tell I wasn’t in the mood to kill Barney, so then she got Finchy all riled up about Barney and let Finchy give Barney a good ol’ whooping.  You can see the video on Mom’s other blog.  I think Evelyn will be proud of him.  Mom let Finchy beat on him for a good 10-15 minutes.  She does have to sew a small part of him, you can see the white part on the picture above- Finchy got down to the stuffing.  Mom and I laid out in the grass yesterday and watched the clouds.  Grandma and Grandpa came down to visit too.

Thank you, Abby for sending me Barney.  Mom, Finchy and I have enjoyed having him here.  He brings with him, a source of strength for tripawd owners facing cancer.

Resting after the whooping he gave Barney
My special boy

Kill Barney First Attempt…

Finchy here.  Chili Dawg is still not feeling well- I’ll get to that later on in the post though.  Yesterday, Mom noticed that he was limping really badly on his left rear leg; barely using it at all.  She thought she could get him to perk up if she brought Barney out for us to finally “kill” him, specially since he has a squeaker in him, and Chili Dawg LOVES to squeak soft toys.  So, Mom brought him out, but this is all the interest Chili showed in him.

Tasting him a little bit
Total abandonment- not normal

Mom knew this wasn’t a good sign, and knew this meant that the Chili Dawg wasn’t well.  She passed Barney onto me.

Sniffing him

But it didn’t seem right to destroy him, when something clearly was wrong with my brudder, so I walked away from him.  Chili Dawg and I snuggled together and watched the world go by later on.

Two brudders

Mom and Dad talked a lot last night about what they thought was wrong with Chili.  Dad was hanging onto hope that Chili had just pulled a muscle wrestling with me or running in the back yard.  Mom was pretty sure the cancer was back, specially since Chili’s appetite has decreased a bit.  Today Mom took Chili to the vet.  Dad offered to be the one to take him, but Mom insisted since he was her “soul dog”.  When Mom got home from the vet, she was crying.  The Chili Dawg’s cancer has returned, and it’s in his hip now.  The veterinarian couldn’t believe that Chili hasn’t yelped in pain or cried out based on how large it was on the x-ray.  He sent Chili home with pain medicine to make him comfortable until he lets Mom and Dad know that it’s time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Mom is devastated, she had hoped to have him for a little longer, but she said that we are going to focus on the now.  So Barney, we will let the pain meds kick in for a day, and then we will try to kill you one last time before we send you on to another deserving tripawd.

Barney Got Skooled…

Finchy here.  The Chili Dawg isn’t feeling so good, so he asked me to do the post for him.  Barney had rough start at Mom’s skool, even after Mom got him a “Good To Be a Cougar” skool t-shirt!  Barney thought he was “cool” so he decided to be naughty.  He refused to wear goggles in Mom’s Chemistry lab.

It even looks like he's laughing at mom!

Then, he jumped up on the counter where the periodic table was and refused to come down!

Stil laughing!

Mom then caught him photocopying his butt in the science office!  That’s when she called for the school police officer.


Scared straight

After that, Mom said he was “scared straight” and decided that it was better to follow the school rules.  He participated in small group work, and even was the recorder for the group in Mom’s Anatomy class.  By the end of the day, Barney even earned a stamp in his agenda book!

Working in Anatomy
Earning a stamp in his agenda book

Okay, Barney, so you learned how to be a good Cougar at Mom’s skool.  So what?  Either way, once the Chili Dawg is feeling better, we’re still gonna kill you.  Just sayin’.  Finchy, out.

Barney is HERE

Chili Dawg here and I’m a little sad (sigh).  A package arrived at our house from sweet Abby.  Noah thought it was for him, but Mom told him it was addressed to ME!  Noah thought that was cool.  When we opened the box, there was Barney.  I smelled him before I saw him.  Even Finchy caught a wiff of him and his butt began to wiggle.  Mom gave him to me for a brief moment (this is why I am sad), and for one glorious moment, I got my mouth on him.  My tail began to swish, & Finchy flew to my side to sniff him.  I was debating where to take him, when Mom cruelly snatched him away from me and put him on the table.

She told me that before we can have our way with him, first he needs to have an edg-u-kay-shun, whatever that is.  She’s planning on taking this Barney to her school for a couple days so he can have an edg-u-k-shun.  I don’t think that’s fair.  She never takes me to school- something about chemicals and lab safety.  I hope Barney is enjoying himself.  Juliana (my human sister) immediately put him in a dress.  Noah (my human brother) set up his dinosaurs for him so he would feel “at home”, and then they both watched “Dinosaur Train” with him.  Are you kidding me?!?  At least Barney came with some chicken jerky from Abby, so I’m not feeling too gypped right now.  Soon, Barney, soon.