One Year Ampuversary…

I haven’t been on tripawds in a while.  As Chili Dawg’s one year ampuversary approached, it became more difficult to visit this site.  When we first lost Chili Dawg, logging on was one of the first things I would do every day.  It was comforting to me, but as time passed, it became more difficult and I needed to spend some time away.

Today is Chili Dawg’s 1 year ampuversary.  Even though we only got him for 3 extra months, amputating his leg and removing his pain was still the best choice we made.  I would make it again in a heart beat.  This website became such a blessing to our family as we journeyed down the cancer pathway, and I don’t know what we would have done without it.

I know that Chili Dawg wouldn’t want us to be sad on his one year, and our family has healed since we lost him in August.  It may take a little bit more time before I can comeback regularly, but I hope to one day be able to encourage people going through the same journey, just like we were encouraged during our journey.

Chili Dawg taught us that there is more to life than life on 4 legs.  He taught us to live in the moment.  So today, give your dogs some extra love and treats in memory of my special boy.


6 thoughts on “One Year Ampuversary…”

  1. Our thoughts are with you today. That one-year mark can really bring back the emotions. I love to see the pics of Chili – he always looks like such a laid-back, cool dog. Try to paste on a smile ’cause I guarantee you Chili Dawg has a big one right now!

  2. oh chili, we miss you too. thanks for being such a brave boy and showing us how to enjoy each day we are lucky enough to have. give gayle a kiss for me.


  3. I’m sorry, Jenna. I know how hard it is when that special heart-dog leaves. I wish you guys didn’t have to go through this. But I’m so glad I know you now.

    Just as Charon would like Chili to find Gayle, I hope he can find my Belle. In that regard, we’re lucky. We’ve had that dog, that relationship. Some people never do.


  4. CHILI, we all miss you. I know exactly how your family feels. My Mom tears up everytime she thinks of our Ted E Bear. We are all carrying on with a smile on our faces. Have a good romp with Ted for us.


  5. We miss Chili too! He was such a special boy, with that special smile.

    He would want you to celebrate the good times to commemorate his 1 year ampuversary. We will give Rita some extra loving and treats in Chili’s honor.

    I hope he and Angel Abby are having a good time together!

  6. Wow, a year already. Geez, I can’t believe how quickly time passes. We sure miss Chili.

    You’re right Ma, please, no guilt or sadness right now. Celebrate the wonderful times you shared and the lessons that Chili brought to you. It’s OK to mourn and be sad for a minute, but always end your thoughts about Chili with a smile.

    I want you to know that we would never hold it against you if you didn’t come back because it was too hard. We get it, and you need to do what it takes to feel better and enjoy life. Chili’s story will always mean so much to so many, and his story will never fade away here. We are honored you chose to share it with us. xoxo

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