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Mom said it was time for me to post an update on Buster.  We adopted him in March and he has settled into our family pretty well.  Of course, there was some initial carnage.  He seemed to take a liking to Juliana’s Little People, and learned how to open her Noah’s Ark in order to get to the Little People and Animals stored inside of it.  We learned to keep the Little People up high when Juli isn’t playing with them, and poor Buster has to be crated when there aren’t any humans home, because he really really likes Juli’s things no matter how well she puts them away!

His diet is going well.  Dad takes him on part of his runs on the weekend.  He does 2 miles with Dad and then gets dropped off at the house.  He has gone from 95 pounds down to 80 pounds!  Yay Buster!  He doesn’t look like he’s going to pop anymore, which is good.  He is slowly becoming comfortable with Dad brushing his teeth and cleaning his ears out.  That has been a slow process, especially the brushing the teeth.  I don’t think his old owners did any of that for him.

He did have an incident with a bunny though.  Mom says Buster is innocent, but the jury is still out.  All I know is that I heard Noah say, “Mom, what is Buster carrying in his mouth?” and then I heard Mom yell, “Ew!  Oh no.  Buster drop it, drop it, drop it, and get in the house now!”  Then she grabbed a couple bags and ran outside.  I overheard her tell Dad that the bunny was dead.  She doesn’t know if Buster killed it or not, but he definitely was carrying it in her mouth.  She also told Dad that he owed her big time for having to bag a dead bunny.

Then there was the day of the “terrible smell”.  Mom and the kids came home and Noah said, “Mom, why does the house smell like poop?”  Poor Buster.  He had an upset stomach and had diarrhea in his crate about 5 minutes before Mom and the kids got home.  He was good and tried to not sit in it.  After Mom got the crate cleaned out and Buster bathed multiple times, and the house aired out (thank God for the whole house fan and a nice day out), she again told Dad that he owed her big time.

Which brings me to this weekend.  Yesterday, Dad went out for his run.  Mom was the only one up besides me and Buster.  She let us outside.  Well, Buster saw something.  I’m not sure what, and he busted through a rotted part of the fence.  Mom didn’t know because she was inside.  So, I did the only thing I could think of, and started barking and barking.  Mom came out to call us in and that’s when she saw that Buster was gone and the hole in the fence.  She immediately got me in the house and ran out the front door calling for Buster and saying some other words that I’m not allowed to type.  I also heard her mumble something about Chili Dawg never doing anything like this.  I watched from the front door as she took off down the middle of the street, barefoot and in her pajamas yelling for Buster.  When she got to the end of the street, I saw Buster come running from a different direction.  He ran right to Mom.  Mom grabbed his collar and then Buster practically dragged her home.  As soon as Dad came home from his run, Mom sent him out to the “Man Store” to get supplies to fix the fence, and the 2 of them spent the rest of the morning finding and repairing ALL of the rotted areas along the fence line.

Geesh, that Buster.  He sure keeps us on our toes!

Author: finchy

I'm a 4 legged Boxer brother to my tripawd brother, Chili Dawg

10 thoughts on “Buster Update…”

  1. Finchy, this update was so worth the wait! And I’m so glad that Buster is kinda naughty because he isn’t Chili Dawg and he’s letting you all know that. Every time your mom mutters “Chili never did *&#% like this,” Chili’s laughing over the Bridge. I know he is. And running down the street in jammies? If the jammies don’t involve a bustier and garters, it’s all good. “Floyd! Quit staring at the Mahlberg woman in her lingerie!”

    I’m sorry about the fence, but what do you expect with a name like Buster? Sounds like he did his job.

    What can I say? Your mom wanted another dog, a friend for you, very badly. Maybe she prayed too hard? Can you do that? You guys got a dog alright, but maybe you got 3 dogs in the body of 1. Give Buster some time. He’ll settle down. But if he doesn’t, it’s ok as long as it gives you more ammunition to write updates like this one. Now excuse me while I go snort-laugh into my afternoon coffee.


    1. Shari you are right. What could we expect with a name like Buster? And I may have prayed too hard but it is good to see Finchy happy again. Well worth the poop Cleanup and Jammie run.

  2. Hah! Finchy, you have to be the good example for Buster, he’ll learn. I know you boxer dogs are all good, right? :-\

    And tell your mom I have been on that bare foot, pajama trot down the middle of the road too. She’s not alone in that. I remember yelling some not so nice words on my trip too. 🙂

    1. Haha! In his senior years Finchy is a good example. When he was Busters age he was about the same and he wouldn’t come back when he got loose. We had to run away from him to make him chase us back into the yard! Thank goodness he has slowed down a small bit 🙂

  3. Oh Buster! That was great!!! There ought to be a new Olympic Sport- a triathalon thing where dogs get a 10 second headstart and humans in housecoats, slippers, flipflops and jammies run across roads, ditches, streams, dodging cars. Extra points for the human being able to sprint while screaming the dogs name and expletives without passing out. Mom just practiced with the reprobate Perdy, she ran across the street to bark at the yippy sheltie and mom ran after her, through a 3 foot dirt ditch and up our neighbors gravel driveway, screaming BAD DOG until she fell flat on her face after skinning both knees. I almost snorted my breakfast.

  4. i would help buster get out of the fence i do believe. he souns like my kind of boy.

    miss jenna i have sum advice. if buster was still fat he could not run so fast to get away from you. i think you need to help him get fat again. try that.


    1. Evelyn I did mention that to Ryan about making Buster fat again but Ryan said no. I guess if there’s a next time he can chase Buster in his jammies.

  5. well buster, first…congrats on losing fifteen pounds!!! that’s amazing. as for your antics…we agree that chilidawg sent you to ‘liven up’ the household…. at least that’s what we say – gayle must have sent felony melanie to show us how crazy a black girl can be!!! chili and gayle are both having a good chuckle at the antics. we definitely will be anticipating some pictures!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  6. Good boy Finchy! Tattle on that newbie!

    Zeus and Angel Merlin were littermates that we adopted from a shelter when they were six weeks old. We had a TERRIBLE time housetraining them b/c when we found an accident we never knew which one did it so… they both got scolded. Apparently Merlin was tired of getting blamed b/c one night he started this very methodical, relentless bark while looking behind the couch. When I went over and looked, Zeus was behind the couch, full-stream, caught in the act. As Zeus got corrected for his mishap, Merlin pranced around the living room and I swear he was smiling. I have no doubt in my mind that Merlin was telling on him!

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