Road Trip…

Finchy here.  It’s been a while since I posted.  I’ve been missing my brudder a lot, and so has my mom.  Over the weekend my pawrents took all of us up to visit our grandpawrents.  Our cousins and aunt and uncle were up there too.  So were my dog cousins:  Sarge, who I’ve known for a long time- my grandpawrents got him after their Beagle, Fred, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and Igor- who I just met- my aunt and uncle decided they were ready for another dog after their pitbull, Leia (who was the sweetest princess ever) crossed the Rainbow Bridge a long time ago.

Sarge and I get along fairly well, because the Chili Dawg was the alpha of the group and had put Sarge in his place when he was added to our pack.  Igor never got the chance to meet the Chili Dawg, and is still a puppy.  Sarge seemed to understand that the Chili Dawg is gone and that I’m still grieving him, but I don’t think Igor understands that I’m still grieving and I don’t really want to play ALL THE TIME, right now (give me a couple months and then I’ll be ready, I’m a Boxer after all, playing is what we do- right Rumbles?).  I did have to put Igor in his place once during the day, and I did feel bad for getting all cranky on him, but…

Igor & Juliana

I did, however, get plenty of love from my little girl, Juliana, and her cousin she fondly calls, “Bubba” (his real name is Brendan, but they call him Chubba Bubba, & Juli picked up on the bubba part).  Brendan and Juli are 6 months apart and have their own little language that no one else understands…well, I think I understand it.  Of course, Mom doesn’t have a current picture of the 2 of them together, so I have to put in a picture of the 2 of them at Easter when they are both being “yelled” at for throwing their easter eggs out of their basket, because then the eggs opened and the candy bounced everywhere- which they thought was the funniest thing ever (notice they have similar looks on their faces).  So I’d say it was, overall, a successful roadtrip.

Juliana & "Bubba"


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I'm a 4 legged Boxer brother to my tripawd brother, Chili Dawg

9 thoughts on “Road Trip…”

  1. what a fun adventure!! sounds like you definitely need to plan some medicinal napping to make up for all that action. thanks for sharing your pictures too!

    charon & gayle

  2. Great pictures! Finchy, don’t worry if you don’t feel like playing all the time right now. But I am glad to hear you had a great time hanging out with all your extended family!

    When you’re ready to play…..Lola would love a good game of chase! ;0)

  3. There’s nothin’ like a road trip to take your mind offa things, I always say.

    Dude, I know you gotta be sad missing your brudda and all that. Hey if you want, you can call me your brudda from anodda mudda anytime OK?

    Your friend,

  4. Asses Finchy hang in! Glad you had a great trip – sounds like fun. Igor will understand and wait for playtime when you feel more up to it! Love to you! Xo

  5. Goodnesses —not sure what auutocorrect was thinking putting “asses” as the lead off! Sorry – it has a mind of it’s own!

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