Ugh.  I think my dad got me confused with the Chili Dawg.  Chili Dawg used to love bath time.  He loved anything that had to do with being wet.  One time mom and dad took us to “Dog Daze” at the community pool, and they pretty much had to drag Chili Dawg out of the water when it was time to go home.  But me?  I sunk like a stone in the pool.  I don’t like to be wet at all.

Apparently this past weekend, Dad decided that I smelled and needed a bath, so he gave me one.  I didn’t put up too much of a fight, because the tub gets slippery, and I learned that lesson when I was much younger.  So I sat in the tub and let Dad wash me, but I wasn’t happy about it.

Now that I’m clean, I have to work on finding my smell again.  Any suggestions?

Author: finchy

I'm a 4 legged Boxer brother to my tripawd brother, Chili Dawg

8 thoughts on “Bathtime…”

  1. Oh, Finchy, that is awful. If you can get to a beach, I always roll in piles of seaweed or dead fish that I find washed up. The smell is awesome! It will get rid of that bad “clean” smell right away.

    I tried to roll on a dead pelican this weekend, but my mom said I couldn’t. Can you believe that???

    Kisses, Finchy, oh, and head butts. You like those right?

  2. Finchy,

    My favorite part after getting out of the shower was rolling in the middle of the bed to dry myself off–did you do that? Mom and dad would always complain about having to sleep in a wet bed, but I thought it was sooooo funny! Of course, then, I would go over to my nice, dry bed to sleep.

    Do you have any deer where you live? Rolling in deer poo will mask your clean smell.

    Your friend,
    Spirit Hope

    1. Spirit Hope,

      Chili Dawg always rolled in the middle of mom and dad’s bed, and then he would go and sit on mom’s side of the couch. They always complained about it too, but Chili thought it was funny, too. It must be a Golden Retriever thing- hahaha. I’m lucky because I have short fur so I dry off much faster than Chili did.

  3. Oh Finchy! Sorry to hear about your bath! Lola likes to find the cat poop in the backyard and roll in that. Not sure if you have any cats around…apparently the aroma is nice!

    Although said rolling in cat poop usually earns her another tubby LOL!!!

    Make sure you give your dad a big smooch for getting you all clean!

    Nancy, Butchey & Lola

  4. Sargie poo poo loves animal poo poo to roll in…try that…if not just smell your own breath…that ought to do it! Love, Jenna’s Mom

  5. SO love your blog!! Can’t wait to go and read farther back.

    In the meantime….Jake the Snake LOVED to roll in anything that was decaying…which we decided to just call “schmutz”. Actually, I think he was eating decaying things, throwing them up and THEN rolling in it. Haha!! We miss him.

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