Nights Like This…

It was a night like this, 11 months ago, that I took this video.  You were 2 months post-amputation, thoughts of cancer were no longer in the front of our mind.  I sat on the patio and watched you run.  Watched you wrestle with Finchy.  Watched you roll on your back.

Things are different now, 11 months later.  I’m sitting on the patio.  The grass is not green this year, we are in a drought.  Finchy is wrestling with Buster- you sent him to us, I know you did (could you teach him to bark when he’s going to have diarrhea in the middle of the night, please?).  I still have a paw shaped hole in my heart.  I didn’t think it would still hurt this much to miss you, but it does.  I can’t believe that next month will mark 1 year since you crossed the bridge.  It seems like yesterday to me.  Finchy is doing better since Buster came.  He is eating again and playing, but he is still scared of thunder and fireworks (and I think he has taught that to Buster as well).  I miss you, Chili Dawg.

9 thoughts on “Nights Like This…”

  1. It can’t be 11 months, it just can’t be. There’s no way. How did that happen? Oh he is so missed!

    I continue to believe that Chili Dawg was sent here for a purpose and he’s gone back to a very special place full of love and comfort and fun. I’m not sure who our dogs are with, but I hope they’re with every animal that was special to his person at some other point in the person’s life. That’s the best kind of reunion I can think of.


  2. Wow, time does go by fast. I can’t believe Chili has been gone almost 11 months. Personally I think the whole first year is so hard.

    I’m glad Finchy is doing better with his buddy. We are convinced that Angels Abby and Bailey send messages to Rita with begging tips, so hopefully Chili will send Buster some messages too.

    We miss Chili so much too. He was always one of my faves. Such a sweet face, so full of love.
    Jackie, Angel Abby & MBBunny Rita

  3. This brought tears…it is so hard to be without them. That paw-shaped hole is so big and impossible to fill.

  4. I find it scary that the pain can still be so intense after 11 months. It has been 11 weeks today since Magnum’s spirit was set free. Reading your blog I can see that in 11 months the hole in my heart may well be just as big.

    Thinking of you and also hoping that Buster gets the messages from Chile.

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  5. Oh Chili Dawg,

    I can’t believe it’s been nearly 11 months since you left us. I’m sure that you and Rio have found each other and are playing together — she always had a soft spot for Goldens, and especially the boys.

    I’m glad you sent Finchy a buddy. Everypawdy needs a buddy, and Finchy was lonely without you, I’m sure.

    We miss your sweet face.

    Rio’s momma, Micki

  6. Oh Jenna. Chili Dawg looks fabulous in that video – what a dog!

    All I can say is I know how you feel, and I hope we see you soon. It helps, being with people that have been there.

  7. What a great video of a wonderful dog. I can only hope that time will heal your heart. We’ve only been here since May, but I’m sad to know what you are feeling will be upon us someday. Dogs are so special… they’re just not here with us long enough. Even if they lived 25 years, 50 years, or more, it wouldn’t be long enough.

  8. Oh Chili….that video brought tears to my eyes. You are one special dog and you left very big paw prints to fill. I am so glad for Finchy and your family that you sent Buster to them, but I know how your Mom feels about you.

    It is amazing how much time can pass and some things can still feel so raw. Hugs to your Mom, and keep a good sniff out on your family.

    Butchey Hudson and his fur-amily

    PS Lola says Woof

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