Tough Days Makes It Nice To Have Friends

We have had some rough days in our house lately.  Yesterday was a tough day for me for many reasons.  When I got home from school, there was a box in the mailbox.  Noah got very excited- he always gets excited when boxes arrive in the mail (although it’s usually Juli’s high calorie drink).  Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom, had sent us something.  We opened the box together, and inside we saw…

Chili Dawg
He's beautiful
He's perfect
Chili Dawg & Abby

How totally PAWESOME is that?!?  It totally made my day, and you have no idea how much I needed this!  Thank you so much, Jackie!  All 5 of us (including Finchy) LOVE him!  You did an amazing job!

11 thoughts on “Tough Days Makes It Nice To Have Friends”

  1. Oh, gosh, how incredibly special. Every single time I see one of these little guys/gals, it just makes my heart happy. We have a super bunch of people in this community!

  2. I’m so glad you all like him. I can’t take all the credit – my sis helped. We’re a team.

    I bet Finchy liked him! Rita is very interested in my little Abby… she’d love to get her lips on little Abby…

    Glad he made you smile on a rough day!

  3. Very totally pawesome indeed! We love our little furry spirit Jerry, and the likeness is incredible. Thanks for sharing the great pics, and many thanks to Jackie for her amazing effort and thoughtfulness. 🙂

  4. Jackie (and sister) are amazing!!! These little mini-mes are so cute, and really, really special. (I keep finding my mini-Rio tipped over because Zeffy has been kissing it. She knows she’s not allowed to play with it, but she still has to give it kisses.) Every time I look at mini-Woo, I smile. And I’m sure you will with your mini-Chili Dawg, too.



  5. Too precious! Thank you Jackie and Sister and thanks Chili-Dawg Mom for sharing. I’m not on the site very often, so haven’t seen before. I LOVE these little pups!

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