To Love & Be Loved…

Today a package arrived in the mail.  Ryan said I was supposed to open it.  There was a card inside, made from a picture of my Chili Dawg- the picture that I used for the tripawds calendar.  It was from my mom, dad and Ryan.  Underneath the card were two packages.  The first package held a coffee mug, with our last picture as a family on it.  Taken the weekend before Chili Dawg crossed the bridge.  It also had a picture of me and my Chili Dawg on it, just laying in the grass together.  I began to cry.  As I opened the next package, the tears came much faster.  My mom, dad, and Ryan had taken the picture of my Chili Dawg and had it turned into a blanket.  A beautiful fleece blanket that I can now wrap around me.  I miss my Chili Dawg so much that it hurts sometimes, and I know that’s silly because I have two beautiful children that love me and I love them so very much.  And now I’m crying like a baby while I type this too.  Anyway, here is a picture of the blanket they had made for me.  The words say: “To love and be loved, life’s #1 happiness”.  Thank you, Mom, Dad, & Ryan.  It means more than I can say.  I love you guys.

My special blanket

12 thoughts on “To Love & Be Loved…”

  1. Wow!!

    How very, very special and wonderful.

    Hopefully it won’t be to long before you smile when you look at Chili’s pictures.

    Beautiful dog.

    the chauffeur

  2. What an amazing package – so filled with love in so many ways! That blanket with surround you with so much joy from Chili! I”m so happy you got such special gifts! Enjoy! Xo Sue and Sammy

  3. Oh, I’m crying too. We loved the Chili Dawg too even though we never met him. His great spirit comes through in his pictures. What a great present! And a beautiful quote.

    Sending hugs and Abby kisses,

  4. Chili was an amazing dog, Jenna, sent to you when you needed a soul like him.

    Ever since reading your other blog and understanding how Ryan was determined to make things happen so that Chili got the surgery he needed, I’ve known he was a peach. And your parents are special because they helped you become the caring, giving, sensitive person that you are. I’d say Chili was lucky to find your family.

    I love that family picture of you all. It is the sweetest thing. Make sure to put sweet things into the mug to remind you of that–hot chocolate is a good start! And wrap Noah and Juliana up in the blanket with you so that the circle of love is complete.


  5. what a beautiful way to celebrate chili’s life. wrap yourself up in all the love that surrounds you, chili will be snuggling right next to you!!

    charon & gayle

  6. I keep coming back to take a look at the blanket – it’s just so wonderful – I’m smiling ear to ear for you (with a little tear in my eye). Hugs! Xo Sue and Sammy

  7. What an amazing gift! Know that your souldog Chili is continuing to help you through all you do to support new tripawds. Your help through Chili’s experience has been of monumental importance to Dixie and her recovery.

    Your family is awesome! I love the quote they chose.

  8. A beautiful blanket to remind you of your wonderful times with Chili. Things like that make me cry too, Jenna. It was such a thoughtful present and one that will always be special to you.

    Barb and Spirit Hope

  9. I need a box of tissues! I am crying, too. What a wonderful wonderful gift.
    “To love and be loved, life’s #1 happiness” – There is no truer statement about life.
    I am so sorry you still hurt so much from Chili’s passing. I know if it where me and Butchey, I would feel the same. There’s nothing anyone can say to ease the pain, but I hope the mug and blanket bring a smile to your face when you think of all the wonderful memories.
    Always in our hearts….

  10. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than wrapping yourself in the love of a dog who touched your soul forever. What a beautiful gift.

    The tears will continue to fall, and they’re not silly, remember that. They are your way of honoring the love that you shared, which ran wide and deep. When your heart is healed, those tears will turn to smiles. Until then, you do what you need to do to cope, we’re here to listen.

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