Love You…

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been rough since we lost Chili Dawg.  I’m still crabby and Finchy is still whiney.  Chili Dawg’s ashes came home last week, and his 4 month ampuversary would have been on September 11th.  My husband flew out of town on September 11th, so I’ve been single parenting it this week, and I have to say, I don’t know how single parents do it!  Paws up to you who do it on your own!  My 2 year old is on an appetite stimulant because she doesn’t like to eat.  As a result, she gets up once or twice at night to drink her high calorie beverage (seriously, it really is high calorie-and it’s expensive, we have to order it off of ebay because insurance won’t cover it since Juliana doesn’t have a g-tube to make it her main source of nutrition).  So there you have it.  The perfect storm.  I’m crabby from losing the Chili Dawg, and now I’m crabby from being sleep deprived as well.

Tonight, I was at the point of exhaustion.  Wrestling with the kids to get in their pajamas, when Juliana looks at me and says, ” ‘Ove you!”  Did I forget to mention that Juliana is also speech delayed?  I think I smiled the first real smile since we lost the Chili Dawg, so I had to share it.

7 thoughts on “Love You…”

  1. Awww, that’s sweet.

    Believe me, I don’t know how any parents do – single or otherwise. I can barely get myself, my hubby and the dog through life! So I am in awe of parents everywhere – especially working parents.

    Hang in there!
    Hugs from me and kisses from Abby,

  2. OMD, you have been through the ringer. Life is tough to begin with, and then you toss in losing your best buddy on top of everything, and you’re bound to be AT LEAST crabby!

    Hang in there — we’re here for you!!!

    Micki and Rio

  3. Oh Jenna, I ‘ove you, too! Your family have been through a lot and you’re keeping all (most?) of the balls in the air–or at least the important ones. I get it. I do. It’ll get better. In the meantime, ask Juliana again to tell you she loves you. It’ll help.


  4. My dear Jenna,
    You have a lot going on all at once & it is overwhelming. Your sweet Juliana is the light of your life and leave it to her to make you smile! Hold on tight to those precious moments. Your Chili Dawg left for his journey too soon and not only are you mourning his precious life, you were still right in the middle of adjusting to your new tripawd and holding on so tight… He will always be grateful that you saved his life – even if was only for 4 months…He will always be there in your heart and will be your tripawd angel forever. Chin up – we are all here for you! Sending you a great big hug!
    With love from Indiana’s mom ~Carol~~

  5. I am so glad to hear you had a reason to smile! Losing our best friends is tough enough. But it sounds like you have a lot on your shoulders!

    I hope you can find something to smile about each day. Whether you smile because of Juliana or Finch, or just over something silly.

    And even though it may still make you cry right now, Chili ‘oved you, too.


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