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This past Tuesday, Noah (my four year old) had his turn for show and tell at preschool.  He was very excited for this day.  When I picked him up on Monday after work, I asked him what he wanted to bring for show and tell.  He said, “Steggy (his stegosaurus stuffed animal) and a picture of Chili Dawg”.  When we got home, there was a card waiting for him in the mailbox, from Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom.  When he opened it, there were two pictures of Abby in it.  Noah immediately added them to his special picture album, but then took one out and put it in his school bag to bring with for show and tell.

On Tuesday, he told his class about how Chili Dawg and Abby both only had 3 legs, and were called Tripawds.  He told them about how Abby sent us the Barney box and it had lots of dog stuff in it and made Momma cry.  He also told them about Steggy and that he was a plant eater and that the plates on his back keep him cool.  Then his classmates got to ask him some questions.  One of his classmates asked why he didn’t bring Chili Dawg or Abby in.  Noah told them that his daddy and Abby’s daddy carried both dogs to the Rainbow Bridge and then Jesus carried them the rest of the way because they couldn’t walk anymore (Noah thought that Abby had also lost the ability to walk like Chili Dawg had).  He said that Jesus is taking care of Abby and Chili Dawg now and they don’t hurt anymore.

Pretty impressive for a four year old, huh?  He made his Momma proud.

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  1. Jenna, I also am blinking away the tears. We’ve always known Noah and Juli are special children, and now Noah’s teacher knows it even more than she did. He is a smart, sensitive boy and I really hope I get to see where he is in 25 years.

    Hooray for Noah and his unique perspective on doghood. (Can’t you just see him getting his first dog at a shelter? “Hey, there’s something wrong with this one. It has 4 legs. Where are the normal ones?”)


  2. Abby’s mom *and* Abby’s dad are both sniffling after reading that one…

    Noah is such a sweetheart. We are honored that Abby’s picture was considered special enough to be included with not just a picture of Chili for Show & Tell, but also with Steggy!

    Big sniffly hugs to all of you there, and a nose-poke from Rita to Finchy,
    Jackie & Mike

  3. We don’t have any two-leggers here at the Hollenbeck residence, but if we did, we’d get Noah out here to train him right! That’s a great family you’ve got there, Jenna!

  4. “Out of the mouth of babes”….
    Please tell Noah that is exactly how I see this happen too. From my arms, to Jesus’s arms and dancing celebrating angels all about. Such a smart boy……A+++++++++
    Bud’s mama is proud of you too!

  5. What a sweet little boy! Nice story…thanks for sharing.

    Always nice to hear stories about small children. My own are teenagers now…my ‘mom’ stories aren’t so sweet these days. 😉

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