Look Mom, Chili’s Running!

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Chili Dawg had his staples removed on Friday.  Friday was also his last day of any pain pills that we had.  Monday (Memorial Day) was the first nice day we had in a long time- no rain, yay!  Monday, I got to see the Chili Dawg run in the back yard.

I’ll set the scene for you.  It was hot.  About 90+ degrees.  Noah and Juliana were playing in the kiddie pool.  Finchy and Chili Dawg were lounging in the shade by the fence (Chili was actually being “beautiful” by sitting so that his ears and fur blew in the wind).  Then, a couple of kids walking a dog walked by on the sidewalk.  Finch jumped up and ran along the fence with them.  I looked at Chili.  He looked at me.  I said, “Go ahead if you want to.”  So, he got to his feet, and took off on his tripawd run to catch up with Finch.  Noah stood up in the kiddie pool & yelled, “Look Mom, Chili’s running!”  I think that says it all.

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8 thoughts on “Look Mom, Chili’s Running!”

  1. Very cool. That’s a very big milestone for Chili!
    I’m glad he’s recovering well and back to running again.

  2. Chili Dawg will always have that wonderful spirit inside – no matter how he feels… That was such a touching story – what a touching moment ~ tears of joy! May you have so many more wonderful moments!! Hugs!! ~~Indy’s mom ~~Carol~~

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