I Think Someone Is Feeling Better…

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Around 3 o’clock this morning, my daughter woke up (thank you appetite stimulant) to eat.  I came back into our bedroom and decided that I should get Chili out to go potty, because every once in a while the Amantidine causes him to sleep so deeply that he has an accident.  I looked at his dog bed and he wasn’t laying on it.  I checked his crate and he wasn’t in there.  I turned the light on in the bathroom so I wouldn’t wake Ryan up, and that’s when I saw the Chili Dawg.  I have no idea how he got up there, but there he was in his old spot on the bed sound asleep.  Our bed is fairly high up, and he would have had to jump or scramble to get up there, so he must be feeling better if he got up there without waking me up since I am the world’s lightest sleeper.  I think that’s a good sign 🙂

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4 thoughts on “I Think Someone Is Feeling Better…”

  1. So glad to hear that, wish you had a night vision camera to record that event! Glad our Chili is feeling better

  2. Oh, a truly marvellous sign! Your story of Chili getting up on the bed made me smile. I can well imagine your stunned amazement. For weeks and weeks after our Catie’s amputation she didn’t scramble up; then one morning I woke to her presence beside me. Bewildered, I asked my husband if he’d brought her up (we have a king size bed so it too is very high) and he said no. Took my breath away, really.

    I’ve just caught up on Chili’s story. Sounds like he’s recovering more than nicely! Sending heaps and heaps of golden healing wishes your way.

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