Five Days Post Amputation

The Chili Dawg is now 5 days post amputation of his right forelimb.  The first night was rough.  He couldn’t get comfortable and was up every 2 hours trying to find a comfy position.  He and I got through it together though.  He’s doing great now though!  He even greets us at the door when we get home, with his tail wagging.  When his leg first started hurting him, a little over 2 weeks ago, he would still greet us at he door, but by the time it was diagnosed as osteosarcoma, he could barely get up.  It’s sad to think that he feels better 5 days after an amputation then he did with a bad leg, but he does, so we are glad that we made this decision.

8 thoughts on “Five Days Post Amputation”

  1. Chili DAWG? Did you say DAWG??????

    What up brotha? Are you from Oaktown too?

    Some people say I have a not-so-nice approach when I meet Goldens (long story, I’ll tell you someday), but any Tripawd with DAWG in their name is cool in my book!

    Feel better soon Chili, we need to pawty!

    1. Ha ha! No, I’m not from Oaktown. I live in a place called Plainfield. We should pawty soon, my Boxer brother would enjoy that- he’s eagerly waiting for my staples to come out so we can wrestle again.

  2. Rugs on slippery floors will help too! My house looks funny with all the rugs with non-slip material under them but it’s all about my Tazzy.

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