Chili Dawg’s Home!

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Finchy here again.  I waited and watched at the door until Mom brought the Chili Dawg home.  She was right, he’s not missing any body parts this time.  He is missing fur though, but Mom said to tell him he’s still beautiful.   He’s pretty high on some kind of medicine, but not as loopy as when he came home without his leg.  They put the “cone of shame” back on him and Mom said he’s supposed to wear it until his stitches come out, but they will probably take it off while he is in their sights.

I hope Mom relaxes now, because I know I can.  She had a rough day.  I stopped getting into mischief after the digging, but then my 2 year old human sister spiked a fever and started throwing up.  Mom had to watch her because she can have seizures when this happens.  I’m just glad to have my brudder home, even if he does look funnier now…

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Uh Oh…

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Finchy here.  Over the weekend Mom and Dad found a fluid pocket in Chili Dawg’s ear.  This morning Mom left with Chili Dawg and didn’t take me with.  Then she came home without him.  I’m worried.  I’ve been following Mom around for an hour whining at her that she forgot to bring him home.  She keeps telling me that he is having surgery on his ear today and will be home tonight.  She says he has something called a “heeee-muh-toe-muh” in his ear filled with blood.  All I know is that the last time my brudder left, he came home without a leg, so what will he be missing this time?  Mom assures me that he will come home with everything that he left with, but he will have a bandage on his ear for a little while.  I guess she’s right, she’s never lied to me before.

I don’t like being without my brudder.  I already got into mischief this morning, I dug a hole in the backyard.  Mom wasn’t happy, because I was covered in mud and she had to wash me off, but if Chili had been home, he would have kept me from it.  I hope she learned her lesson about separating us!  I’ll let you know when Chili Dawg comes home…

Finchy Here…

I wrestled the laptop away from my tripawd brother, Chili Dawg, to check out why he’s always typing on it.  I love my brother, a lot, and I have been worried about him the last few months.  Mom and Dad got me a year after they got Chili Dawg because they could tell that he needed a friend.  Chili and I are 6 months apart in age and we have been inseparable in the seven years we have been together.

A few months ago, Chili stopped wanting to wrestle with me and he started to limp.  Dad took him to the vet a couple times and then Mom did a lot of crying, so I knew it wasn’t good.  Then, one day Dad took Chili away with him and Chili didn’t come back that night.  I waited at the door and waited.  Mom finally made me come upstairs at bedtime.  They kept telling me that Chili would be coming home the next day.  The next night, Dad brought Chili home, but he was different.  He was missing a leg.  Part of me wondered what he did wrong, because he’s their favorite, so what’s going to happen to me?!?  Mom assured me that nothing is going to happen to me, and that she doesn’t have favorites.  The first night, Chili slept downstairs because he couldn’t do stairs.  I insisted on sleeping down by him too, and Mom ended up sleeping downstairs with us as well.

It’s taken a little while, but Chili is getting back to his old self.  He runs in the back yard with me now.  He’s not as quick as he used to be, but he still gives it his best.  He even wrestles with me now, although he spends more time on his back then he used to when we would wrestle.  I still worry about him, and Mom says I’ve gone gray pretty quick in the past few months.  But he’s my brother and always will be.

We are good looking boys, aren't we?